Residential Solar Permit Design Services.

Residential PV Design Services

Solar plan sets play a vital role in the solar permitting journey. They offer a comprehensive visual representation of your solar system’s layout, furnish your installation contractor with precise guidelines, and are indispensable for securing building and electrical permits for your project. At Permit Design, we understand the importance of these plan sets. That’s why we provide a range of affordable and meticulously detailed solar plan set packages tailored to suit your project requirements.

At Permit Design, we specialize in preparing the permit plan sets for your residential solar panel installations, ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations and building codes.

Our typical residential solar permit plan set offers a comprehensive package meticulously crafted by our expert team to ensure the success of your installation. Benefit from essential components such as:

Residential solar permit plan set

Comprehensive Cover Sheet: Sets the stage for your project, ensuring clarity and organization.


Detailed Site Plan: Captures every property aspect for optimal panel placement and efficiency.


Precision Roof Layout: Maximizes energy capture through precise panel positioning.


Seamless Electrical Plan: Integrates your solar system flawlessly with existing infrastructure and Offers a clear overview of electrical connections.


Labels & Datasheets (SpecSheets): Ensure accurate identification and information about solar equipments.

Designers at Permit Design has expertise in various types of installations and interconnections including:

Roof mounts

Ground mounts


On-grid/off-grid systems

Hybrid Systems

Battery backups

EV Charger

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