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Permit Design offers the following solar permit design & drafting Services: Residential solar permit plans, Commercial solar permit plans, Battery back-up permit plans, Generator permit plans and EV charger permit plans.

Residential solar permit plan set

Residential Solar Permit Designs

We specialize in crafting customized residential solar design and permit solutions tailored to meet your individual requirements. Our team has extensive expertise in understanding the regulations of local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and Utility standards.

Commercial solar permit plan set

Commercial Solar Permit Designs

We have vast experience when it comes to designing commercial solar permit plan sets for few kilowatt to several hundred kilowatt projects. Our team is dedicated to delivering comprehensive commercial permit design sets that align seamlessly with industry codes and standards.

EV Charging Plan set

EV Charging station Permit Designs

We provide permit design services for EV Charging Stations as well. Permit Drawings play a crucial role in the installation process. Our permit designs for EV charging stations adhere to the requirements of the NEC (National Electrical Code) or the specific electrical code enforced by local authorities.

Solar Battery storage permit plans

Battery Backup Permit Designs

Along with solar, we are proficient in designing Battery backup permit Plans for both type of projects (Grid-Tied or Off-Grid). We can design plan set for all type of batteries (AC-coupled and DC-coupled)

Generator Installation Permit plan set

Generator Installation Permit Designs

Elevate your backup strategy with our Generator Permit Plan Sets services. Our team of experienced designers specializes in crafting comprehensive permit designs tailored to your generator installation needs. Trust us to streamline the permit process and ensure compliance with regulations,

Ground Mount Permit plan set

Ground Mount Permit Designs

Explore the simplicity of solar with our Ground Mount solar Permit Design Services for your residential and commercial solar projects. Our team specializes in creating easy and compliant designs for solar ground mounts that meet local rules and industry standards.


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Permit Design is a leading Solar PV Design and Drafting Services provider to solar installers in US, UK, Australia and Europe. We are working with 150+ solar installers, EPCs and Roofing companies around the world and delivering around 2000-2500 permit plans every month.


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Choose us for our expertise, personalized service, competitive rates, timely delivery, and dedication to ensuring successful solar permit designs.


We deliver the finished Permit drawings within 24-48 hours and can always deliver at your schedule.


We follow NEC standards and can quickly adopt your standards.


We can offer you a competitive pricing than your existing vendor.

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Our quality check process guarantee that our services consistently meet high standards, delivering satisfaction and trust to our clients.



Customized designs, proactive support, and personalized service ensure satisfaction and successful solar permit design projects.

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The positive client testimonials affirm our commitment to delivering top-notch services.

Permit Design's team has got vast experience in solar permit designing. They are very quick and cost effective. Thank you very much and we appreciate your continued hard work.

Solar Installer from TX

Permit Design is our trusted partner for all type of permit plans e.g. solar permit plans, solar + battery permit plans & solar + battery + generators permit plans. You have never disappointed us.

Solar Installer from FL

We are impressed with the quality of permit plans. Our permits are getting approved easily from the AHJs. Keep up the good work.

Solar Installer from CA