Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Permit Design Services.

EV charging Design Services

At Permit Design, we simplify the complex process of obtaining permits for EV charging station installations, saving you time and hassle. Our team has the experience and knowledge to navigate permitting requirements across all 50 states, ensuring a smooth process.

Choose the perfect solution for your needs: We offer customized permit plans for:

  • Residential (Level 1) and commercial (Level 2) charging stations.
  • Grid-tied or off-grid systems.
  • Systems with or without battery backup.


EV Charging Plan set

We assess your specific project needs and provide a tailored plan that meets all local and national codes. Our detailed EV charging permit plans include:


Site plan showing EV charger location relative to buildings, parking, and accessibility points.


Electrical service load calculations and wiring methods based on the latest National Electrical Code.


Electrical plan with single-line drawings for power supply and connection points.


Project-specific data sheets, specifications, and tags for contractors to follow.

Effortlessly charge into the future of electric mobility with our expert EV charger permit and design services.

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